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I decided let’s make all the new posts in full so you can read more easy on your smartphone instead of clicking all the time. You are welcome.

Living abroad is amazing and can really provide you a new sense of energy. When I was younger I didn’t had the chance so now I’m really living the fullest. I remember all the preparations I had to do and how nervous I was especially for the so called ‘grown up’ things. The most nervous I was for finding a international medical insurance, there are so many providers all with great service and providing the best deals for expats. I was not sure yet what kind of insurance it was I needed to have. But in the end, when you made your checklist and you went through every one of them it was easy.

The best lesson I learned was. When something like this is bothering you, just get it over with and finish it. It’s the best feeling before departing to another country. Don’t be naïve guys! Girls, I already know you are the smartest.

I have seen the world and I feel free. Disconnect and connected at the same time



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When we were younger, not we, but our parents we learned that you can do things yourself. Grow your own things and get the richest out of life. Then we came and everything is thought that we have to get it from the stores, package and well and that all bugs are disgusting and gross.